Welcome to the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (IBAM).

"The Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, aims to contribute to the ultimate noble goals of World Peace, International freedom and justice, economic and social development generated by individual's full development (physical, mental, social and spiritual development with environmental harmony) and peaceful social activity through the dissemination of holistic education, solidarity, co-operation and service to humanity with open mind, good will, foresight and love for fellow human beings which will assure a better world where all human beings will live creatively in peace, happiness and health and achieve all the success they so pre-eminently deserve."

True to its motto, "Indigenous Roots, Global Pursuits", the Board has brought alternative medicines to the attention of the masses and trained students in India and abroad through its various courses in the different disciplines of alternative medicines such as acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, electro homeopathy, reiki, etc. to further facilitate the study of alternative medicines and provide a high standard of educational programmes.

The Board also regularly organises workshops on the different alternative therapies for large corporations and companies such as BHEL, TISCO, JINDAL and HINDALCO to name but a few.