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Indian Board of Alternative Medicines has introduced the first pyramid healing center in Eastern India. It is historically evident that man knew about the beneficial effects of pyramid energy as early as 6000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians used pyramids to preserve their dead. The Mayans used the pyramid for religious ceremonies. The Vedas have references to pyramid geometry. Even temple tops and church steeples were designed in the shape of a pyramid. But why the pyramid? Scientists have focused attention on this issue for the past century. It was intriguing how flowers grew better and faster, how fruits and food products improved in taste and how dead animals did not decay for weeks within a pyramid. It was found that all life forms and all matter when placed within the pyramid structure, improved in performance, behavior and appearance. Pyramid energy has, from then on, been successfully applied in healing, as well as in relieving fatigue and tension. Students of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines are welcome to visit the Pyramid Healing Center and spend their time inside the pyramid doing meditation or reading books or just relaxing. It is open Monday to Saturday between 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. and on Saturdays between 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. IBAM students shall be allowed entry without any charge but please carry your student i-cards with yourselves.


IBAM has its own Mobile Van as part of its charitable activities used for distribution of free medication and disseminating information on higher standards of health.


The Board boasts of a vast and comprehensive library of which there are two wings - The Reading Wing and the Reference Wing. Both wings offer a selection of materials  that are aimed at further expanding the knowledge of the students and heightening their understanding of the philosophy and principles of holistic healing and health care.


Boarding and lodging is arranged for overseas and outstation students by the institute at conveniently located hostels / guest houses equipped with modem facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay for the students.


The Board has its own treatment centre equipped with state of the art alternative medical equipment and facilities. The centre is run by a team of dedicated and experienced practitioners who provide the best possible treatment for various ailments through holistic and natural means of healing.
The centre is visited by patients from far and wide whose numbers increase by the day as satisfied patients spread the word of this unique place where health and well being is but an affordable visit away.

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